Engagement reciprocity (or how to get your content out there)

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Communication is a two-way street, right?

So why not open up the lines with your readers, users and customers and interact with them when you use their content to help tell your stories?

Notify Twitter users

Scribble’s Articles are a fantastic way to quickly and easily curate social conversations, liveblog content, all while being able to add your own original content, context and analysis. In short, it’s a really simple way to do the sort of journalism that is expected of you in 2013.

When you create these Articles, chances are you’ll be curating tweets that are not your own; now, more than ever before, the people who were once merely your audience are helping to tell stories. When you publish the Article, why not notify these users that their tweets have been used in your Article?

After all, you want your users to have a conversation with your publication or company. Don’t leave them hanging—talk back!

In-page promotion

You can also create a customized tweet to promote your Article right from within ScribbleLive.

Let’s take a look at these tools in action:

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