ScribbleLive Spotlight: Merkel, crime reporting and a paddle boat

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Live events this week have been dominated by the end of the transfer market, which saw European football clubs spend an inordinate amount of money on new players. But despite the media frenzy surrounding this event (in Europe at least), it’s important to remember that it has not been the only thing going on in the world. Germany and Australia are preparing for elections later this month, for instance, and media organisations in both countries have been using ScribbleLive in interesting ways this past week.

  • Merkel against Steinbrück TV Debate by T-Online

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General elections are always accompanied by a number of events that are very well suited to real-time, from slow liveblogs on the campaign trail to multimedia-rich coverage on election night. This example from T-Online shows just what you can do to turn a standard event into an informative, interactive experience for your readers. Covering the televised debate between Angela Merkel and Peers Steinbrück, the organisation invited two experts to analyse the politicians’ performances. The first, Monika Matschnig, is a psychologist and body language expert and the second, Tilman Mayer, is a well-respected political scientist. Alongside the moderator who helped guide the conversation, the two observers gave the T-Online readers unrivalled insight into the debate. It’s a fantastic approach to the second screen experience.

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We’re always encouraging clients to incorporate videos in their real-time reporting, as it’s a fantastic way to bring the readers to the very heart of the story. The Toronto Sun created an extraordinary example with this story above. Reporting from where a boy had been badly beaten by his mother, crime reporter Chris Doucette uploaded a number of videos that brought readers behind the scenes of the investigation. His great introduction clip establishes the context, but it’s his interviews with eye witnesses that add depth to the story. Doucette proves that your mobile can be a powerful tool, and you shouldn’t be wary of experimenting with it.

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This live event began Aug. 5 with the news that Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd had chosen Sept. 7 as the date for the upcoming general election. One month later, the event is still going strong and has become a hub for all of Ten News’ election-related content. They’ve pulled in Tweets from their reporters, added Youtube videos of their broadcasts and included excellent infographics. Their event has a slightly irreverent tone – with parody videos and fly-in-hair-gate included – but it’s a good resource for anyone looking to keep on top of all the election news, day-by-day, week-by-week.

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There are some people who actually follow through on those crazy ideas that are (invariably) dreamed up in the pub, and Michele Guarino seems to be one of them. The Italian architect wanted to know the Puglia region better, so he decided to travel the length of its coast in a paddle boat. As well as teaming up with a group of film-makers who are turning the trip into a documentary, he’s also running a Scribble event so people can keep track of it in real-time. It’s full of beautiful photos that transport you to the Italian coast, and also includes videos and important context for the trip. Lovely.

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On Aug. 28, tens of thousands of people descended on Washington’s National Mall to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Junior’s ‘I Have a Dream’ speech. ABC News was on scene to cover the events in real-time and provide their readers with a sense of the occasion. They interviewed a number of people who had gathered to gauge why the event was of such importance to them:

They marched so we have the freedom we have today. Each generation has to fight for justice now it’s my time to fight for justice.

The personalities of the interviewees shone through and the ‘I march for’ cards (see above) were a really nice touch. This combination of historical context, interviews and analysis made for very compelling viewing.


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