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Marking anniversaries in real time

Important anniversaries have always been a great source of column inches. A historical context story here, an opinion piece there and plenty of hindsight everywhere. With real-time technology, you can approach these events with fresh perspectives and give the readers’ voices more prominent roles. The examples below should give you Read more…

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Scribble Chat roundup: Real-time sports reporting

Sports were made for real time. The pace, the community, the personalities: everything translates well to a liveblog. But, like most things in life, real-time sports coverage is easy to learn but difficult to master which is why we devoted an entire Scribble Chat to it!

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Best Practices

ScribbleLive Spotlight: A whirl-wind campaign, protests and Dr. Who.

Real-time coverage once again proved effective not only for breaking news, but it also provided a platform for fans of a British sci-fi program to connect and build anticipation around a pop culture event this past week.   A 24-hour campaign marathon around NYC by the New York Daily News   Read more…

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