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Once again Egypt has become the unfortunate focus of the world’s attention as security forces’ attempts to clear out pro-Morsi protesters have turned Cairo into a war zone. The death toll is rising, amid reports that both a Sky News cameraman and the daughter of the Muslim Brotherhood’s leader have been killed, and utter chaos has gripped the capital. If you want to keep on top of the story, here are some of the best live reports from media organisations around the world.

ABC News

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Trains across the country have been halted, roads from the Sinai have been closed, and routes into Cairo have been barricaded to prevent the Muslim Brotherhood reinforcing protests from their heartland in rural Egypt.

Radio Canada

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À Alexandrie, la deuxième ville du pays dans le nord, des échanges de tirs nourris à l’arme automatique avaient lieu, a constaté un journaliste de l’AFP.


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The UN also said it appears hundreds of people have been killed or wounded in clashes in Egypt. UN chief Ban Ki-moon said he condemns the violence used to clear demonstrations in Cairo.

Spiegel Online

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Hier weitere Details zur nahenden Ausgangssperre: Nach Angaben der Regieung darf sich in Kairo und zehn anderen Provinzen zwischen 19.00 Uhr und 6 Uhr niemand auf den Straßen bewegen

Sky News UK

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Our friend and Sky News colleague Mick Deane was shot dead while filming in Cairo today. He was a wonderful man.


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La Banca Centrale egiziana ha annunciato la sospensione di tutte le operazioni bancarie a partire da domani, secondo quanto scrive Bloomberg

The Press Association

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Turkish President Abdullah Gul also warned that Egypt could descend into chaos and compared the development to Syria where a crackdown on civilians led to a civil war.

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Het door de autoriteiten bevestigde dodental is opgelopen naar 95. Er zijn zeker 758 gewonden gevallen. Dat meldt de BBC.

Sky Italia

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Stato di emergenza da oggi e per un mese In Egitto è stato dichiarato lo stato di emergenza per almeno un mese a partire dalle 16 di oggi.

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Mindst 124 er blevet dræbt i Egypten. Det franske nyhedsbureau AFP har haft en journalist til at besøge tre lighuse og talt de døde.


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D’après l’hebdomadaire egyptien Youm7, en ce moment les supporters de la Confrérie des Frères Musulmans tentent de prendre d’assaut le commissariat du quartier Est d’Alexandrie.

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Bij de ontruiming van twee tentenkampen in Egypte zijn woensdag 56 mensen om het leven gekomen en 526 gewond geraakt.

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