ScribbleLive Spotlight: Egypt unrest, JFK and a firefighter

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Last week the world watched in with amazement as the Egyptian military ousted the country’s democratically-elected president. The story was high drama indeed, with twists, turns and new developments throughout, making it perfect to follow in real time. Coverage of this uprising takes up one slot in this week’s ScribbleLive Spotlight – alongside a firefighter, a farewell, Wimbledon and memories of JFK.

  • Egypt’s President Ousted by ABC News

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It is an extraordinary story – just a little more than a year after taking office as Egypt’s first democratically-elected president, Mohamed Morsi was forced out during a military coup in all but name. His detractors lit up the sky in Tahrir square and celebrated the actions of the armed forces who had previously been the source of so much woe. ABC covered the event masterfully, reporting as demonstration turned to jubilation in the centre of Cairo. They used social media intelligently, pulling in Tweets and a YouTube video from Morsi himself and referencing other news organisations around the world. Gripping.

Share your remembrances of the JFK assassination   News for Dallas  Texas   The Dallas Morning News

In a year-long series, Dallas News are commemorating the 50th anniversary of the assassination of JFK, an event that had a “profound and lingering impact on the city of Dallas.” As part of the series, they invited their readers to share their memories of the president in this Scribble event. Here is just one of those memories – if you give your readers the forum, they will talk:

I still remember the excitement of walking up to Lemon Ave. and watching the motorcade with the President and Mrs. Kennedy drive by. I had these big pink rollers in my hair, I was 14 yrs. old, and when the President looked at me, his very bushy eyebrows raised up, Mrs. K. was so lovely in her navy/pink suit, and smiled at us. A little while later, my friend & I walked to the Skillerns on Lemon, and this lady was hysterical, saying he had been shot. So, we ran into the store and, it felt like slow motion, we all stood and watch TV as Walter Cronkite told us the President had been shot and had died in Dallas, Texas.

Fire Safety and Fireworks  Live Chat   Liveblog live blogging

This is a point I’ve made before in this series – you don’t have to be a celebrity or a famous journalist to warrant a Q&A session; there are many people with interesting jobs who could provide timely insight, so get them in your news room and have them interact with your readers. Between the deadly fires that devastated Arizona and the 4th of July celebrations (that involve a lot of fireworks), the Pasadena Star News invited a Cal Fire spokesperson for a Q&A. “We’ve seen a 58% increase [of wildland fires] over the average year,” he told readers, reminding them that they could face a $50,000 fine if they were caught using illegal fireworks. Remember kids, stay safe!

Wimbledon 2013 live updates   Tennis   MSN Sport UK

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few days (of if you just don’t live in the UK/like tennis) you’ll know that Andy Murray became the first Briton to win the men’s Wimbledon title in 77 years. Cue jubilation, hyperbole and discussions about English/Scottish/British identity… It was a great sporting occasion to top off the most unpredictable of tournaments. The Press Association and MSN UK covered all the (homegrown) tennis in real-time and it was a pleasure to follow. The coverage was a good combination of reporting, images and a great deal of user engagement (stoked by an impressive amount of polls). As one reader puts it: “History in the making…you did it in style” – indeed!

Farewell Jenni

You know the scene: a beloved colleague is leaving, so a tired card – probably with a silly picture and a lewd joke – is passed round the office and everyone tries their hardest to write something witty or poignant. Well, throw your humorous cards in the bin. The Toronto Star has created a game changer. “Jenni Dunning, the Toronto Star’s social media editor, is leaving the building. We decided that a living, breathing liveblog would be more appropriate for her than an old-school paper card.” That’s what it says at the top of their page and that’s exactly what they did. A veritable shout-out to the digital age, the page features funny gifs, homemade memes, slideshows, video messages, kittens and some heartfelt messages. It’s a really sweet idea. Just so you don’t think that they all sit around being silly in this newsroom; they also produced some important coverage of Toronto’s destructive floods this week.

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