Food Waste Has Tough Consequences

Reading time: 1 min

All those leftovers you’re throwing out are starting to pile up. But with nearly half of America’s food going into the trash, everyone is guilty of a little wasteful behavior. Visually recently partnered with Butter Studios in L.A. to produce the video “Food Waste: A Story of Excess,” to bring attention to the consequences of food loss throughout the supply chain; consequences that are easily overlooked by the average American consumer. While the world produces more than enough food to provide for everyone, and 27 percent more food per person than 50 years ago, there are still 870 million hungry people worldwide. And besides the nutritional waste, dumping food contributes to environmental hazards like water waste and rising methane emissions, a contributor to climate change. Reducing food waste, if only marginally, could make a difference to millions of people and to the future of the planet. The average person in Europe and North America throws away 210-250 pounds of food every year. How do you think you measure up?

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