ScribbleLive Spotlight: Gillard, Gandolfini and Boot Camp

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ScribbleLive is a pretty international company you know and this week Spotlight reflects that better than ever: five different events in five different countries (not quite five continents, but three isn’t bad). Political turmoil down under and painful mourning in the Big Apple are just two of the entries in this week’s ScribbleLive Spotlight.

  • Labor Leadership Turmoil by ABC

Julia Gillard arrives for the leadership ballot su...   ABC News  Australian Broadcasting Corporation

It was a mad week in Australian politics. Prime Minister Julia Gillard was ousted just months before the next general election when she lost the Labor party leadership ballot to rival Kevin Rudd (who, incidentally, suffered a similar fate three years ago at the hand of Gillard). To paraphrase a humorous Tweet – the Labor party is even more dysfunctional than the Australian cricket team… The team at ABC covered the turmoil masterfully, providing exhaustive coverage of events over a 12-hour period, from the first mention of a petition circulating to the victory speeches. As the day goes on you feel the momentum build, and the visual updates from Parliament House complement reports from ABC journalists and thoughtful comments by readers from across the political spectrum. Excellent live reporting.

  • 24 hours in Postimees newsroom by Postimees

DAY POST husband

A lot of people talk about transparency in journalism, but very few achieve it as successfully as the Estonian daily Postimees did with this event. Over a 24-period – from 7 a.m. Tuesday to 7 a.m. Wednesday – they provided behind-the-scenes access to their newsroom, allowing their audience to see exactly how the newspaper they read comes into existence. Making the most of the classic storytelling arc, it begins with a couple of journalists looking through the morning’s edition and ends with the postwoman delivering the paper the newsroom has spent all day creating. In between, the reader has access to editorial meetings, content production, lunches, management discussions and videos of the printing presses in action. There is a light-hearted tone, and what shines through more than anything is the very human cogs in the newsroom machine. Very exciting stuff indeed.

James Gandolfini funeral live coverage   NY Daily News

On June 19th James Gandolfini died of a heart attack in Rome, aged just 51. The Hollywood actor, best known for his leading role in The Sopranos (considered by some to be the best TV show in history), left behind friends, family and an enormous fan base who were all represented in NY Daily News’ coverage. Their pages were filled with tributes from people who knew the man and those who didn’t. “I met Jim in 1986…He was self-effacing, hysterically funny, no nonsense, down to earth New Jersey guy. Even after his tremendous, well-deserved successes, he was always personable and engaging” these words from one commenter just about sum up the mood.

A Week in Their Boots   Page 2   Liveblog live blogging

Some people run a few miles in a silly costume to raise money for charity. Others have to go that little bit further. One such person is Jordan Witzel, a meteorologist at Global News, who put himself through eight days of a brutal Navy Seals boot camp to raise money for the Calgary Poppy Fund and the Veteran’s Food Bank. Fortunately for us, he charted his progress using ScribbleLive to accompany their TV spots. It started, as you would expect, with the obligatory video of Jordan shaving his hair sitting in his bathroom and continues with great video updates, tweets about fundraising and some amazing images. It’s a really nice idea, smartly executed.

Hvem får trøjerne  Følg Tour de France 2013 live

The Tour de France – everyone’s favourite three-week cycling event. It’s the sort of event that has to be covered live, but it is a long event and could be a drain on resources. As such, it’s important to think about effective ways to monetise it. Ritzau, the Danish press agency, has a model that makes so much sense it makes you wonder why everyone isn’t at it. They partnered with the betting company Oddset and, in addition to having a banner on the top of the page, they are also posting live betting odds into the steam throughout the race. It’s a very smart idea and, coupled with good Tour de France updates, it makes for excellent real-time practice.

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