ScribbleLive Spotlight: Floods, SCOTUS and Red Pandas

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It has been another week of great real-time content. Readers have been kept informed about yet more destructive floods – this time in Canada, ScribbleLive’s home country. Heavy rains battered Alberta, setting unfortunate records and devastating towns in the province’s south. Coverage of, and reaction to, the freak weather takes up two of the five slots in this week’s ScribbleLive Spotlight.


Cougar Creek is “running very high and extremely dangerous and changing quickly” – that’s how The Calgary Herald started their coverage of the floods that afflicted their city. Six days later, and the journalists are still updating their readers with information about the state of the city. In between, they populated the page with updates from the disaster, tweets, videos and images. They also made the most of LiveArticle to highlight some of the best images and most important information. They then published that content in another location on their site as an Article.

Report a flood hero   Calgary   News   Calgary Sun

This series is intended to encourage you to think differently about real-time – Scribble doesn’t have to be used to just report the details of an event. Just as the ARD turned their flood coverage into a hub for essential aid, The Calgary Sun used the platform to highlight the feats of the city’s many unsung heroes. “We want to give a shout out to some of those selfless folk who put their own lives on hold to help their neighbours.” They invited their readers to send in stories about the people who had helped out during the disaster: tales of people giving out free food, officials going above-and-beyond and electrical companies turning lights back on followed. Very nice indeed.

  • Youthvision by CIBC


This is a fantastic example of how to create dynamic, engaging content for your customers using Scribble, whatever business you’re in. CIBC drummed up excitement using polls and an published an introduction to their YouthVision program with multiple embeds on their Facebook page. The “real” live event was a two-our panel discussion through webcast that was hosted on a secure password-protected page. The invite-only audience was able to smoothly interact with the operator using Scribble’s workflow. It just goes to show that Scribble is not just good for reaching tons of people, but elevating the discussion and creating environments for high-quality (and confidential) levels of engagement.
  • Supreme Court’s Blockbuster Week by Bloomberg

Supreme Court s Blockbuster Week  Day Three   Bloomberg

Bloomberg provided authoritative real-time coverage of the US Supreme Court’s decisions on two same-sex marriage cases, combining the best content from across the web with their own insight. Their coverage struck the right balance between light-hearted posts and serious analysis. The variety of the content – multimedia, tweets and text – and the reactions from a wide range of sources ensured impressive engagement from their readers. At the end of the day, a divided court was in favour of the gay-rights movement on both cases.

  • The Search for Rusty the Red Panda by ABC News

Live  In Search of Rusty the Red Panda   Live Blogs   Updates   ABCNews

And finally, our very own “panda watch.” On June 24th, the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. announced that their red panda, Rusty had gone missing. “Red pandas are arboreal, territorial animals, so it would be unusual for Rusty to wander far from his home range, in his case his exhibit” they reassured their followers with a tweet. ABC launched a Scribble event to keep their readers up-to-date. As well as pulling in posts from the zoo’s Twitter account, they filled the page with factual information about the animal – “They breed slowly; they mature slowly” – and sightings from around the city. To top it all off, it ended well as Rusty was found safe and sound, if a little “scared.”

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