ScribbleLive Spotlight: Iran, Turkey and Bonnaroo

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Last week, the upheaval in Taksim square dominated headlines, as demonstrators clashed with police and the government over plans to develop Gezi Park. Passionate protesters were met with defiance from Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdoğan who later held an impressive counter rally with his own supporters. Coverage of this, Bonnaroo music festival and Iranian elections all feature in this week’s Spotlight.

  • Turmoil in Taksim Square by TV2

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A lot has been written and broadcasted about the clashes in Istanbul but few captured them with as much beauty as this Danish broadcaster. From a man with a fireball above his head to a protester launching a canister of tear-gas back at police, the potency of this event lies in sheer power of the images. With the photos streaming in real-time and the context provided by the text posts, there is a visceral sense of being in the chaos of Taksim square. Beautiful.

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After the turmoil of the previous elections, this was always going to be a comparably muted affair but the tone of the event was beautifully captured by Reuters’ journalists. Key to this was the inclusion of readers comments which added raw emotion and personal accounts to the coverage: “I couldn’t have believed the high turnout, had I not seen it with my own eyes. It was incredible, truly incredible. I really hope the outcome of the elections benefits the Iranian people. We deserve to be happy.” This combined nicely with the context and analysis provided by reporters and the excitement of the results being announced. Images of ink-stained fingers also featured prominently throughout.

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Another month, another Apple announcement. This time it was their worldwide developers conference in San Francisco and we’re glad to see that it was masterfully covered by the Fast Company. They found a good balance between tweets, original content, images and text posts and provided an exhaustive report on Apple’s announcements. They also made fantastic use of the Live Article, recapping the most important information from the event and creating a slick slideshow comprising of over 20 of the best pictures. This is also a shout out to their beautiful white label – the alternating shades of the posts, the spacing, the font – it is very pleasing to the eye and shows what you can do with a bit of customisation.

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This is a really interesting approach to the second screen experience from this Swiss daily. SRF, the public national broadcaster, ran an eight-hour live show about a neighbourhood in Zurich, having been criticised for focusing too much on the traditional side of Swiss life. Tages Anzeiger decided to run a counter liveblog in which they dissected the broadcasters’ effort. Their two bloggers were scathing about the show and the journalists, insisting that they were failing their experiment, interviewing the wrong people and not capturing the reality of urban Switzerland. While the broadcasters were boasting about the positive reaction on social media, the writers were publishing the other side of the conversation. It became the anti-broadcast with readers and bloggers alike bonding over their mutual dislike of the program.

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It’s that time of year again, when mud, music and cheap beer come together to give young revellers a weekend they’ll never forget/struggle to remember. That’s right: summer is here (apparently) and music festival season is upon us. Paste Magazine sends staff to Bonnaroo music festival every year and this time they decided to liveblog their experience. It’s got everything you would expect: pictures of sun-kissed youths, bandana-wearing hippies and musicians strumming on stage. It’s the sort of event that really lends itself to real-time journalism. For others who want to report knee-deep in mud this summer, you could also try recording interviews with revellers, provide audio updates and invite festival-goers to send in their own pictures.

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