What’s up at ScribbleLive: 2013 in new features

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Did you know you can create standalone Articles from your liveblog content? Or that your readers can get notified by email when your event starts? What about the hotkeys you can use to moderate your bustling comment queue?

It’s been a fun ride at ScribbleLive over the last while. As our team has grown, we’ve been able to release updates and new features faster than you can say real-time-engagement-management-platform. So fast, in fact, that you might have missed some of them.

Indulge me for a second; let me fill you in on everything ScribbleLive has been up to since the beginning of 2013. For our 2014 and beyond, please see this page

  • URL Previews: When you paste a URL into the Quick Post box, it will now display the URL’s image and description, if they have been set. (Dec 9)
  • iPhone app 2.6.0: Added numerous capabilities, including event setup features and compatibility. (Dec 6)
  • Total Likes: See the total number of Likes an event got on the reporting page. (Nov 25)
  • Multi-lingual Wikipedia search: Wikipedia search will now search in the language you’re using when logged in to ScribbleLive. (Nov 21)
  • Follow Twitter lists: When setting up Twitter auto-follows you now have the option to choose one of your Twitter lists—lists you’ve created as well as subscribe to. (Nov 18)
  • One-click ScribbleLive post approval: You can now approve individual posts directly into an event from the ScribbleLive tab in the sidebar. (Nov 18)
  • Syndication: Via (client name) in metadata: When you syndicate content from another client we add “via client name” to the post meta data. (Nov 18)
  • Export event archive stats: Export your event archive data in CSV format. (Nov 5)
  • Passport signup in Market: Signing up for a free Passport account and syndicating content from the Scribble Market can now be done in just a few clicks. (Nov 5)
  • CSS & JS API SDK: Now, clients can include two files to save them countless hours when working with our API. (Oct 23)
  • Add an event start time: Open your event now to add content and collect comments, and set the Event Start Time for when the event will begin. This time will display in the email notifier and Scribble Market. (Oct 15)
  • Change post order on closed events: Added an option to keep the newest post at the top of an event, even after the event closes (default is to reorder posts in chronological order). (Oct 15)
  • Added Flickr integration: Search Flickr for photos in real time, right from your event. (Oct 15)
  • Allow Likes on posts: Allow your readers to interact with your real-time content in a new way: Likes. (Oct 7)
  • View emails submitted in event notifier: Set up your liveblog in advance and collect the emails of users who wish to be notified when your event goes live. (Oct 7)
  • Tweet + Post with linkback: Publish to your liveblog and Twitter simultaneously, now with the ability to add a linkback to your post. (Oct 7)
  • Custom share message: Added the ability to customize the share message of events or individual posts. (Sept 30)
  • Drag comments from moderation: You can now drag comments directly from the moderation queue to an advanced post. (Sept 30)
  • Tweet + Post from iPhone, Android apps: Added the ability to use Tweet + Post to our iPhone and Android mobile apps. (Sept 24)
  • Tweet slideshows:  You can now add tweets to slideshows. Have a slideshow of just tweets, just images, or a mix of both. (Sept 19)
  • Average time on page: We have added the average time on page to the reporting pages of all events. (Sept 14)
  • Syndicator contact info: On the syndication settings page, we now list the username and email address of the user who initiated the syndication of your event (Aug 27)
  • Social shares using Promotional URL: All links shared to Twitter and Facebook using the social share buttons will direct readers to the URL you set. (July 30)
  • Source metrics added: Find analytics for individual event locations. e.g. See data for each URL an event is embedded in.  (July 30)
  • New Android app: Moderate comments and discussions within the app; enhanced in-app discussion functionality. (July 30)
  • New iPhone app: Moderate comments and discussions within the app; enhanced in-app discussion functionality. (July 29)
  • New event categories: Create your own custom categories for events and use them to organize and filter your event archive. (July 23)
  • Custom language filters: Filter words out of your real-time event that aren’t covered in our default language filter. (July 10)
  • Improvements to the Scribble Market: Check the blog post for a full list (July 3)
  • Instagram video: Instagram videos now render as video players (July 3)
  • $cashtag support: Track stocks in real time with new support for cashtags. (July 2)
  • More than 100 minor improvements and bug fixes: Check the blog post for a full list. (June 25)
  • Enhanced analytics: See how syndication can increase your content’s reach with new event reporting pages. (June 17)
  • Redesigned event archive: Listing of events now includes their respective analytics. (June 17)
  • User filters: Ability to search users from the Manage Users and Invite Writers pages. (June 17)
  • Syndicated comments: Ability for a parent event to automatically receive all comments submitted to child events when content is syndicated. (June 17)
  • Twitter search filters:  Filter by verified accounts, to include only tweets with images and by username. (June 6)
  • Moderation hotkeys: Easily approve or delete comments with a single keystroke. (June 6)
  • Comment & tweet: Let your readers promote you—allows readers to automatically push liveblog comments to Twitter. (June 6)
  • Articles: Create content in advance and/or create standalone articles based on your liveblog content. (April 30)
  • Improved Twitter display and integration: Twitter card display; closer connection between Scribble and Twitter when it comes to content creation. (April 30)
  • White label organization: Tabs added to organize white labels by live events, upcoming events or a full listing of events. (April 30)
  • Instagram and Wikipedia search integration: Search Instagram and Wikipedia in real time, right from your event. (April 3)
  • New event setup process: Streamlining the event creation process. (March 11)
  • New Android App:  New features and improved workflow. (March 8)
  • Vine, Youtube integration: Search YouTube right from your event; Vine links automatically render to display video. (February 22)
  • Email notification: Enables readers to sign up to receive a notification when an event goes live. (February 22)
  • Social shares: Share entire events to Facebook or Twitter; share individual posts to Facebook or Twitter (February 8)
  • Copying event templates: Do you run a weekly live chat? Save time in the setup by copying an existing event. (February 8th)
  • Advanced write feature : Allows you more control over the look and feel of your content; ability to add multiple pieces of media. (January 23)
  • New iPhone app: New features and improved workflow. (January 14)
  • Moderated discussion feature: Create threaded discussions off of individual posts. (January 8)


It’s a lot to take in, I know. But we go over all of these—and more—in our ScribbleU training classes. We highly recommend that every ScribbleLive user take at least the Basic and the Advanced course. You can sign up for any class here.


If you have any questions about any of our features, feel free to drop us a line at support@scribblelive.com at any time.