5 Useful How-To Infographics: Turn Your Hobby into a Business, Learn to Focus and More

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Learning how to do things used to mean pouring over instruction manuals and textbooks, many of them lengthy treatises with confusing diagrams and boring text blocks. These how-to documents are notorious for stopping the casual hobbyist, dabbler, or total novice in her tracks. Like with other types of infographics, the name of the game for a how-to is accessibility. When a complex task is clearly laid out, explained and illustrated, even the inexperienced feel like anything’s possible. Here are some helpful, hilarious, and unexpected how-to infographics.

How to Focus

In the digital age, distractions abound. A workday is spent fielding communications from every direction: text messages, phone calls, Facebook, Twitter, Skype video chats, and emails. It’s a wonder anything gets done, ever. But it does. Human beings are adaptable creatures. Still, the endless data stream gets the best of almost everyone now and then. Some seek medication to help hone focus. Others turn to self-help books on meditation or breath awareness. The “How to Focus Mind Map” (below) suggests drug-free habits and rituals for managing an overwhelming life of distraction.

How To Turn Your Hobby Into a Business

Millions of people spend their days daydreaming. They imagine time spent farming, making model airplanes, skydiving, or traveling. For many of these unfulfilled workers, a career doing what they love is possible, with some focused hard work. The infographic below suggests 10 steps for researching, preparing, and launching a viable business. Forbes estimates the total number of U.S. entrepreneurs at 11.5 million. Why not make it 11.5 million and one?

How to Build a Chicken Coop

The market for locally-grown, free-range, antibiotic-free, organic food is booming. Not only that, but many people are deciding to take healthy nutrition into their own hands, feeding their families the old-fashioned way: with gardens and animals. This trend isn’t just a phenomenon of the rural countryside with its open space and fertile soil, it’s happening in many densely populated urban areas too. When it comes to animals, chickens are particularly popular. They’re small, cheap to feed and don’t require much in the way of space. But those interested in raising them face an engineering hurdle: building a coop in their backyard. The handy infographic below illustrates an easy $300, 3-4 day coop-building project from start to finish. It’s clearly laid out and illustrated, and short enough to keep nervous first-timers interested.

How to Spot a Hidden Handgun

In the movies, the bad guys are always carrying guns. In real life, there are increasing numbers of law-abiding, licensed gun owners with permits to carry. Identifying a gun carrier when you see one might help you avoid trouble, make you feel safer… or prompt you to get as far from the gun owner as possible. In any event, here’s an infographic that teaches you how to spot a hidden gun.

How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

From Night of the Living Dead to The Walking Dead, zombies have been thrilling and terrifying the movie going and television watching public for decades. There’s something about that undead craving for brains that just makes for compelling entertainment. It’s the age-old struggle for survival; for protecting that precious thing the undead lose: their humanity. Just for the fun of it, imagine zombies are real. A viral outbreak brings on World War Z and you’re holed up in a second floor apartment with a baseball bat. What do you do? Where do you go? Here are some essential tips for the zombie apocalypse. Don’t forget the duct tape.

Anni Murray is a writer, editor, multimedia artist, amateur mycologist, and biology student. She is currently working on Prism, a speculative science fiction story cycle. All opinions expressed in this article are her own. Follow her on Twitter.

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