Chris Hadfield’s real-time return

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He’s received accolades from the Canadian Prime Minister, dominated the Twitterverse and even covered Bowie. And Monday, after five months aboard the International Space Station, Canadian astronaut-cum-superstar Chris Hadfield returned to earth. As would be expected with the return of any celebrity, his safe landing in Kazakhstan was covered in real-time with pomp and circumstance. Here’s a round-up of some of that coverage.

By taking advantage of the ScribbleLive open-source API, Global News customized the look and feel of their liveblog, incorporating slick real-time content into their responsive site.

Global Hadfield

Both CBC and Radio-Canada added a real-time element to their static coverage of Hadfield’s safe return by embedding a liveblog into their posts.

CBC Hadfield

Perhaps to highlight his famous ‘stache, the Toronto Star paired live streaming and live blogging to document Hadfield’s journey home.

TorStar Hadfield

And back in February, the Toronto Sun used a liveblog to run a contest where five lucky inquisitors could have their questions answered by Hadfield himself. My favourite is definitely “Would it be possible to have a baby in space?” Makes you think.

Sun Hadfield

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