Introducing Articles: revolutionizing how to tell stories in real-time

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If we had a one-word mantra at ScribbleLive, it would be this: empower. We want to empower every user to become a master of real-time storytelling. To that end, we’ve just released a brand new way to craft intricate and thoughtful narratives: we call them Articles, but they’re much more than the typical web story. Created in partnership with Twitter, Articles offer all the rich possibilities of real-time without the pressure of performing in front of a ‘live’ audience. You can create and format content ahead of an event, seamlessly integrate multimedia into stories, pull information and multimedia from other stories and create articles that live independently of a live event.


Articles are accessed from the Scribble Dashboard. You can add original content as you would for posts in an live event (including text, photos, videos, tweets and Facebook posts). You can pull content from any other live event currently being run in your account, editing it or formatting as you wish. This presents a multitude of opportunities to compile the best content from your various events to elegantly show how a story developed over an entire day.

Because they don’t need to be attached to an event before they’re ready, Articles can be used to ease new ScribbleLive users into the platform and, generally, into the whole concept of real-time content.


The Twitter-news loop

Articles were created in conjunction with Twitter in order to strengthen the solid relationship news and social media already share: their symbiotic push-and-pull creates an information loop that benefits you and your readers by providing the latest updates and insights. With Articles, we’ve enhanced your ability to pull in tweets, share your narratives via Twitter and alert Twitter users that you’ve used their tweets in a post. Additionally, we’ve improved how tweets look in ScribbleLive: by adopting Twitter cards, tweets you pull in look just as they would on Twitter. And photos brought in from Twitter are bigger, bolder and more brazen than ever, guaranteeing that they grab your readers and keep them there. Plus, you can now preview Twitter pics in the social search bar, ensuring you only grab the best ones for your story. (Note: when manually searching for tweets directly inside a live event, they will be pulled in as resembling user comments, not Twitter cards)

Twitter Article

Reimagine your stories

There are static articles, which become out of date quickly, causing readers to jump from site to site looking for the latest news. There are liveblogs, which promise paragraphs and sentences of stories in development. But what about the stories in between? How do you promise your readers that what they’re reading is everything they need to know right now? Articles serve those stories that need to be tweaked after publishing, by allowing live updates that automatically change it: readers never have to refresh the page to get the latest version of the facts.

Multiple editors can access the same story, pulling content from any live events they’re running to add dynamic multimedia on the fly, without worrying about formatting.

Think about it: imagine you have a liveblog covering the Boston bombings. In it, you have the nuggets of many stories: an interview with a victim’s family, a dissection of the bomb, a profile of the suspects. Each one began as a paragraph in your event and with Articles you can easily spin it off into another story: each one with the liveblog underneath or as a standalone piece of content to share with readers.


Workflow + internal/external communications

Social strategists and communications teams: Articles will prove to be a substantial time saver. Whether there’s a change in your management team, a new strategy you’re implementing across all brands or a critical situation you need to keep all employees aware of, create an Article and publish it across each white label or event associated with each one of your subsidiaries. Add any rich content you’d like, such as video, PowerPoint slides or any iframe and edit your Article as the story develops — those edits will be published in real-time, across each channel, with the click of a button. And straight from the back end, choose whether you’d like to tweet it out to the public or embed it on another site.


Improve productivity

So, you’ve covered something in real time. Why duplicate your reporting efforts when creating a ‘traditional’ story after the fact? With Articles, you can create dynamic stand-alone posts with content you’ve already created in any liveblog. Grab the relevant tweets you found, create pull quotes from text you wrote during the event and make slideshows using the photos that were published in real-time. Plus, add text around all of these elements to provide any necessary context.


Picture galleries

Picture galleries are among the most popular pages on a news website and it couldn’t be simpler for these two tour de forces to work together. If people want the synopsis of an event in breath-taking images, give it to them. It takes very little work from your end (simply drag and drop). And with an Article, you can publish a slideshow on top of your real-time event or on a completely different page to drive traffic. By pulling images from the existing liveblog, you can create a visual timeline of the story. As the story develops, so can the slideshow.


Social media round-up

We live in a world of social media but most of your audience probably doesn’t have time to sift through all the chatter that occupies the various sites in any given day. Save them energy and curate the most important updates from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram by crafting an Article from a pre-set raw feed or simply search and drag and drop. Tailor this best-of post to the interests of your particular community, a particular page or even a particular story you’re running.


Share your message

If you want to remain at the top of your game, you need to ensure that your stories are reaching your audience. Combine the best aspects of quality and quantity and share your posts as widely and wisely as possible. After your Article is created, you can connect it to multiple white labels, post it to a liveblog, embed it within your own site or present it as a stand-alone piece. This plethora of publishing empowers you to extend your reach, your voice and your message.

Article 2

Organize your white label

The events listed on your white label main page are now better organized, making it easier for your audience to find the content they’re looking for. Separate tabs have been created for: Live events, All events and All Articles:

Whitelabel organization

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