ScribbleLive Spotlight: Top 5 Events of the Week

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Last week, the featured events focused on the chaos in Massachusetts. Following on from explosions and a manhunt, this week’s events are decidedly more peaceful and highlight the platform’s ability to cover slightly softer news stories. Expect astronomical aspirations and a touch of remembrance.

Anzac Day 2013   ABC News  Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Real-time content doesn’t have to just be a way to cover events happening at break-neck speeds; it is also equally well suited to slower, commemorative stories as ABC’s coverage of Anzac Day 2013 demonstrates. The event is a way to pay tribute to Australians and New Zealanders who have served and suffered in wars and peacekeeping missions. The coverage is full of powerful images and videos that celebrate life and commemorate death, prompting really positive feedback from readers: ‘What a great way to cover this event. What great people they were… Watching this in the Caravan on the Laptop. Very cool.’

Ask an Astronaut   Mission to Mars

Lots of people dream of becoming an astronaut, some of them talk about it, but very few act on it. Abigail Harrison is one of those very few; the 15-year-old is aiming to become the first person to walk on Mars and as a result makes a very interesting subject for a Q and A, alongside her mentor from the European Space Agency, Luca Parmitano. On top of the regular text interaction — which they brightened up by asking people sending in questions to also send photos of themselves – they hosted a Google Hangout on the page so their readers could watch the interview live.

Spari a Palazzo Chigi  feriti due carabinieri L aggressore confessa   Puntavo ai politici

As the events in Boston demonstrated, journalists running liveblogs need to be prepared for anything. Readers following the real-time coverage of the new Italian government being sworn in never expected a recently unemployed 49-year-old man to open fire in the Palazzo Chigi and seriously injure two policemen. Neither did the journalists, but they were able to react quickly and capture the chaos. The swearing in was already taking place when the shooting happened, so the rest of Repubblica’s coverage featured the peculiar combination of the madness outside and the ceremony inside.

CBA7 Live  Day 4  25th April 2013

This example goes a long way in showing just how dynamic and interactive a liveblog of a conference can be. Following the events at the seventh conference on community based-adaption, the International Institute for Environment and Development strikes a good balance original content and reaction from around the Internet (predominantly Twitter). Even better, however, is the way they have filled their coverage with interviews of the key players at the conference. Here they have used YouTube videos, but it would’ve been equally possible to film the videos and upload them directly using the webcam function.

ENGLISH   International Journalism Festival  IJF13

If you think that covering a five-day festival filled with dozens of speakers discussing a multitude of topics is too much, think again. A team of journalists (featuring one of Scribble’s own) and photographers liveblogged this year’s journalism festival, updating the feed with the highlights from the talks by the star-studded (journalistic) line up. The coverage was put in the Syndication Marketplace and picked up by a number of professional and collegiate publications, showing how the Marketplace can be used very effectively to increase any sort of story’s reach.

It also demonstrates once again the aforementioned point that with ScribbleLive’s real-time platform, you are well equipped to tackle unexpected twists in a story. Yoani Sanchez (pictured) was met by angry protesters when she was speaking, scenes that were captured and transmitted first by the livebloggers already on the scene.

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