Campaigning in Real-time: Syria Appeal Liveblog

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We’ve all seen how the appeal of real-time story telling reaches far beyond traditional newsrooms. Corporations can use ScribbleLive to launch a new product, sports organisations to follow their team and politicians to connect to voters.

Real-time content has also proved to be a perfect fit for charitable campaigns, whether they’re raising awareness, money or just telling their story. If you’re rallying for any cause– from the environment to women’s rights to ending domestic abuse— ScribbleLive is the platform of choice.

A week ago, one more campaign chose to use our platform to tell its powerful story. Last Monday, the Syria Appeal Liveblog was created on the Disasters Emergence Committee (DEC) website.

Syria Appeal Liveblog 1

DEC is an umbrella organisation which brings together 14 British humanitarian aid charities that, for a period of time, pool their talent together to fight for a single cause. The charities have worked together to raise hundreds of millions of pounds for disasters including the floods in Pakistan, the earthquake in Haiti and the 2004 tsunami. The worsening humanitarian crisis in Syria has recently brought them together again.

Stuart Fowkes is the man responsible for running the event, which has become the centre for the narrative element of the campaign. The diverse content on their site ranges from the tragic accounts of the victims of the crisis to clever infographics and short videos.

Syria Appeal Liveblog 2

For Stuart, the platform is well suited to ‘the sheer breadth of content and the speed of the movement of the crisis.’ Working with over a dozen organisations, you need a tool that allows you to easily integrate the original content that each one produces, be it text, images or videos. And with a story like this in which developments happen very quickly, you need an efficient way to keep your readers up to speed with everything going on. With ScribbleLive, that’s easy.

The stories of destroyed and displaced Syrian families are incredibly moving and worth a read for anyone wanting to learn more about the human stories behind the disaster.

Syria Appeal Liveblog 3

But rather than simply using the platform to tell the tragic narrative of the crisis, the liveblog performs another important function for DEC: funding transparency. People are very willing to donate money to benevolent causes but often want some surety that the money is being put to good use. DEC is using this event to open a direct line of communication between donors and charities; they can ask what the money is being used for and be told – or shown – instantly. The platform makes transparency much easier and offers organisations a place to show the work they are proud of doing.

This period of ‘joint action’ – when the charities work together as DEC – lasts two weeks and the live event will be running throughout. It’s a great example of what real-time content can offer campaigns – especially large, international campaigns – but more importantly it’s telling a story that needs to be told. Check it out and, if you feel compelled to do so, support the campaign.

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