New features improve Scribble’s Syndication Marketplace

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As our Syndication Marketplace became more popular — syndicated Election Day coverage reached over 150 million user engagement minutes — our developers have been hard at work making the experience of syndicating real-time content seamless for all our clients. This week we’ve rolled out two major changes to Marketplace:

Syndication TopHTML

A lot of our clients are offering content in the Marketplace for free in exchange for inserting an advertisement or branding logo. The content producer gets access to all the syndicated traffic, which they can in turn sell to sponsors. As more and more content gets listed, the need for a spot to put syndicated branding/advertising became obvious. Sticky posts weren’t cutting it anymore.

Syndication TopHTML allows clients to add branding, advertising, live streams and other dynamic widgets to the top of a syndicated event. It will appear on every child event, whether its white label, embed or mobile templates.

Here’s what we built:


  • When you add an event to the Syndication Marketplace you are presented a box where you can add HTML, CSS, JS.
  • Whatever you put in the box is syndicated to all child events.
  • It shows up at the top of events in the white label, embed, and mobile templates.
  • It can be edited and deleted by the parent event.
  • It can not be changed or deleted by the child events.
  • It does not show up on the parent event, they can use our regular topHTML feature) for that.
  • If the parent event is deleted, the syndication topHTML stays at the top of the child events.
  • If the child event stops syndicating the parent event, the syndication topHTML remains.
  • If the child event syndicates more than one event with syndication topHTML they will stack at the top of the child event.

Syndication Marketplace Design Refresh

Our designers gave some love to the event listing in the Syndication Marketplace. Events are always broken out by client, so you can see who is offering what and easily attach it to your own live event. You can still preview the event by clicking on it: now you can also preview the new syndication topHTML in the marketplace before deciding to syndicate an event.

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