Tech Alert: W3Schools

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W3Schools is a free, online school for budding website developers.

The site offers free – and I’m going to be repeating this word a lot because it is incredible how much content on this site is, well, free – tutorials in website design.

Anyone can take – here comes that word again – free tutorials in:

  • HTML & CSS,
  • Browser scripting,
  • Server scripting,
  • XML languages, and
  • Web building.

There’s also reference and example pages for HTML & CSS; XML languages; browser scripting; and server scripting.

After a user takes the tutorials, there are quizzes to test their knowledge.



My personal favourite is the “Try it yourself editor” pictured above. With this tool, users can input code and see what the result of it is. It’s a great tool for learning because you can instantly see your successes or mistakes.

The only thing that is not free – that I was able to find – is a certification certificate, showing that you have completed a certain amount of tasks and now have a certain level of knowledge in a type of coding. But you do not need to buy the certificates, which run less than $100 each, in order to take the tutorials.

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