Introducing User Engagement Minutes

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ScribbleLive has made some changes to how we measure the success of a live event. We’ve adopted a new metric we think is more relevant to our clients and their advertisers: user engagement minutes.

ScribbleLive’s switch to engagement minutes from our traditional bandwidth metric is more in line with objectives on both sides. Our objective is ensuring live coverage is successful and have lots of people interacting with it. Yours is to create a community and ensure people are there all of the time. We want to help you build a case for producing real-time content. You want numbers that represent real people watching and interacting with your real-time coverage.

Adoption of engagement minutes is an important step in our company’s growth and yours, especially as our Syndication Marketplace is becoming more integral to our business and yours. This metric will provide a better understand of how your message is being amplified on your own brand and across our network of clients.

How we measure an engagement minute:

Every second, ScribbleLive determines how many people are on the page. You’ll see the results on the Statistics page in your event.

Why we switched from bandwidth:

We want to give clients a more relevant metric for their advertisers, and to measure their return on investment.

Bandwidth, which represents the transmission of data, doesn’t easily translate into real people. It also created restrictions on the types of contents our clients could produce. A livestream or rich multimedia would increase bandwidth charges.

Engagement minutes reflect how many people are watching your liveblog, and for how long. It encourages multimedia content. It also represents how many people are seeing ads served on the page, helping you create monetization strategies that are more relevant to a real-time medium.

What it means to our clients:

When we completely roll out the new feature, you’ll be contacted by your account representative. Your monthly billing will not change: instead, you’ll have a new metric on your account to measure engagement minutes rather than bandwidth. Rest assured, we’re working very hard to ensure the transition is smooth.

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