Tech Alert: Kaywa QR Code Generator

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The Kaywa QR code generator is a nifty little tool if you ever need to, well, generate a Quick Response code (or QR code).

A QR code is a two-dimensional bar code, rather than the standard one-dimensional codes historically used. You can learn more about QR codes here.

Now, they’re mostly used for advertising. Companies put QR codes on their ads and viewers can use their smartphones to scan the code, which directs them – most often – to the company’s website.

The code generator will create a QR code for users within seconds. Simply copy and paste the URL of the website you want your code to direct people to, and the code generator will whip up a black and white, boxy code for you.

In the photo below, I created a QR code to direct people to my Technology Alert: DocumentCloud blog post.

The website offers both free and paid versions. The free version will get you a QR code to direct people to a single website, while the paid version offers increased security features, support, and the ability to change your QR code’s website destination.

The good news for ScribbleLive livebloggers? If you want to put a QR code from the site onto your liveblog, you can! Simply grab the permalink from the code generator and paste it into the “Post to this event” box. A link to your QR code will show up in the liveblog.

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