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Lewis DVorkin earned his journalism degree in 1974 – an age when he self-admittedly aspired to be a “newspaperman.” But now, he’s recognizing the changing journalism world. He’s changing the way mega-news-organization Forbes operates to help it thrive in the digital age.

Forbes’ new model, DVorkin writes in his e-book book The Forbes Model for Journalism in the Digital Age, hinges on “listening and engaging with news consumers.”

DVorkin recognized that digital audiences want lots of news. So, Forbes employed content creators who “turn out thousands of posts – nearly 100,000 in 2011.” Now, that’s a lot of news!

Noting that the journalism world is changing, DVorkin went back to journalism school to see how the education system is changing the way it churns out journalists in the digital age.

He discovered that journalism students know their stuff. “Today’s students seem to be realists. They get that journalism is a business. They understand that the who, what, when, where and why of their careers is as much about an entrepreneurial, innovative spirit as it is about the story,” he wrote in a blog post about his visit. “Industry veterans, far too many still stuck in an old mindset, would do well to spend a little time in the classroom.”

It seems like Forbes and journalism students both understand that the digital age means changing the way journalists deliver news. DVorkin says it himself: consumers want a lot news, fast. That’s what liveblogging is all about. ScribbleLive provides the platform for news organizations to deliver extensive content on a whole range of subjects quickly. And, we’re glad to hear that journalism students recognize the need for an entrepreneurial, innovative spirit because they are the future of news and will need to embrace new ways of storytelling that are demanded by the public.

You can read free chapters from DVorkin’s book here.

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