Liveblog spotlight: Five blogs from this week

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This week our clients witnessed the arrival of the iPad Mini, chatted about the Lance Armstrong controversy, learned about their financial futures, watched the news in North Wales, and viewed the final debate between Mitt Romney and U.S. President Barack Obama.

Apple sent out invitations to press organizations for their Oct. 23rd event, saying that the company had “a little more to show” the world. CNET provided their exclusive coverage of the event in our Syndication Marketplace. CNET’s coverage of the event was syndicated by more than 50 ScribbleLive clients. So, lots of viewers took in the Apple annoucement of:

  1. A 13-inch MacBook Pro with a retina display;
  2. A Mac mini;
  3. Updated iPad and iMac; and
  4. iPad mini.

Lance Armstrong has been making headlines recently for all the wrong reasons. After allegations surfaced that he participated in a long-time sports doping ring and was stripped of his Tour de France titles, everyone is talking about Armstrong. So, set up a live chat with some experts to discuss the whole controversy. The news organization introduced its experts as Cycling Canada’s communications director, International Association of Sports Economists’ vice-president, and Levic Strategic Communications’ director.

Sun Life Financial provided one of their financial experts for a question and answer segment live blog for its clients. It showed an excellent way for a corporation to offer outstanding customer service to its clients in the digital age. The liveblog was part of the company’s Money for Life campaign.

Another great example of a daily news embed comes from the Daily Post this time. The liveblog offers a variety of different news updates from the North Wales region. It gives viewers weather, sports, breaking news and more all from around their local area. The liveblog is embedded right on the Daily Post’s home page. provided access to their extensive coverage of all three of the U.S. presidential candidate debates in our Syndication Marketplace. For the third and final debate, provided on-the-spot fact-checking of the candidates’ claims and gave in-depth analysis of the debate.

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