Technology Alert: Wordle

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Wordle is a staple tool for making quick and easy visualizations.

The website lets users turn any piece of text into a so-called word cloud. A Wordle is an image representing the text you chose.

You copy and paste some text into the Wordle site or just put in the URL of the page you’re trying to visualize. Within seconds, Wordle will display an image of the text. The size of each word will depend on how many times it was used in the text – the bigger the word, the more it was used; the smaller the word, the less it was used.

Check out my Wordle of one of my weekly liveblog spotlight blog posts:


Wordle lets you change the way your image looks. You can play around with language, font, layout and colour options.

I’ve made the same text from my Wordle above, look totally different in the two images below – just by choosing different option.

This one has mostly horizontally laid out words, and uses a different font and colour scheme than the first one.

This one has half of the words laid out vertically and half of them laid out horizontally. For fun, I picked a third font and colour scheme option.

A Wordle is a great way to represent the content of a written or spoken piece – like a speech. It’s fun, visually appealing, and a great image to insert into a ScribbleLive liveblog.

You can choose one of two ways to insert your Wordle into your liveblog:

  • Copy and paste the Wordle URL into the “Post to this event” box. This will make a link to your Wordle appear
  • Save your Wordle on your computer and upload it in the “Post to this event” box

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