Disrupting the newsroom… in 1925

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ScribbleLive gives newsrooms around the world the ability to cover events in real-time through liveblogging.

These days, customers expect to get the news as it happens – constantly being updated when breaking news develops.

Customers didn’t have this expectation in 1925, but that didn’t stop one news organization from delivering what is regarded as the first live coverage of a court trial ever.

Clayton M. Christensen, David Skok, and James Allworth write about this in their article for Nieman Reports.

The live event? 1925’s Scopes trial over the teaching of evolution. William Jennings Bryan and Clarence Darrow were – as the authors call them – two of the nation’s leading orators and argued the different sides of the case. The authors write that newspaper reporters showed up in the hundreds at the Dayton, Tennessee courtroom, but:

“…no account could rival a Chicago-based radio station’s real-time broadcast of the drama. It was the first trial in the U.S. to be carried live. Chicago Tribune publisher Robert R. McCormick had bought the station at a time when other publishers fought to squash the new medium.”

It’s one of the earliest examples the authors give for disrupting newsrooms, and we think it’s very cool how the Chicago radio station offered live coverage of the court trial. So ahead of its time!

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