Liveblog spotlight: Five blogs from this week

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This week our clients watched the Ironman world championships, chatted with three authors, kept-up with the US presidential election coverage during the second candidates debate, …

In a liveblog embedded on author Jan Burke’s Facebook fan page, Mulholland Books gave fans the opportunity to chat with three authors: Jan Burke of mystery books like Goodnight, Irene and Bones;  former prosecutor Marcia Clark of Guilty by Association and Guilty by Degrees; and New York Times best-selling author Christopher Rice of the Moonlit Earth and Blind Fall.

The liveblog used ScribbleLive’s threaded discussions feature, which allows users to comment directly to specific liveblog posts. This way, more than one conversation can be happening at the same time. In this liveblog, the threaded discussions feature allowed the question and answer segment to be more coherent. The authors could answer questions by posting their answers directly under the question – as a threaded message. This prevented any confusion and allowed viewers to follow the flow of dialogue at all times.

Ironman International provided extensive real-time coverage of their world championship triathlon race, including through en embedded liveblog on their main website. The liveblog followed the race from start to finish – all nine plus hours, until the top ten men and women crossed the finish line. But it wasn’t just about race times, the liveblog provided photos of the race and polls asking for race predictors in order to keep its audience engaged.

Just like during the first 2012 U.S. presidential election candidate’s debate, provided access to their liveblog debate coverage through ScribbleLive’s syndication marketplace. The public highly anticipated the debate after criticizing both candidates’ performance in the first round.’s coverage provided up-to-the-minute information, public reaction, and special “fact-check” and “analysis” posts.

Kwame Kilpatrick, the former mayor of Detroit, is on trial along with three other people for public corruption. The Detroit Free Press has been liveblogging real-time events each day from the courtroom. Their staff writer, Jim Schaefer, has been liveblogging for 16 days of the trial. Schaefer even answers viewer questions if they submit them to the liveblog.
Who doesn’t Google “Halloween costume ideas” at least once a year? Sun Media is trying to capitalize on some of that Halloween-costume pre-planning by hosting a liveblog filled with their readers’ past Halloween costumes. So far, readers have submitted some great – and truly terrifying – photos! Keep checking back for more photos, since there’s still almost two weeks left until the spooky holiday.

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