ScribbleLive clients are using a great online, document storage system: DocumentCloud.

The most amazing thing about DocumentCloud is that it has a public catalogue of documents and focuses a lot of its energy on opensource work, allowing users to collaborate their efforts – and that’s what ScribbleLive is all about too with ideas like our Syndication Marketplace.

DocumentCloud boasts its ability to do three things for clients:

  • Know more about your documents

DocumentCloud “runs every document you upload through OpenCalais, giving you access to extensive information about the people, places and organizations mentioned in each.”

  • Highlight what matters

DocumentCloud actually allows users to highlight bits and pieces of documents that they want to standout. The highlights can be either private or public, and each “note has a unique URL, so [users] can point readers right to the passage you want to highlight.”

  • Share your work

All DocumentCloud work remains private, until a user decides to make it public. Once work is public, the “documents join thousands of other primary source documents in [DocumentCloud’s] public catalog.”

Search what documents already exist in DocumentCloud here. We found: President Obama’s long-form birth certificate, the warrant for Luka Rocco Magnotta, and the grand jury report on the alleged Penn state sex abuse.

Don’t forget to check out their open source infrastructure projects here!

The Washington TimesVarietythe Globe and Mailthe Milwaukee Journal SentinelMinnesota Public Radio, and many other ScribbleLive clients are already taking advantage of this organization platform. Don’t miss out!

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