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For our second liveblog spotlight, our clients have stepped up to the challenge creating more great online content. This past week, ScribbleLive clients discovered zombies, changed the face of daily news, walked the Emmy Awards red carpet, analyzed RIM’s alleged comeback, and figured out your body’s prime functioning time…

It seems like zombies are everywhere today in popular culture. They’re taking over the movies, video games, and even sports events! But now it seems they’re not just fictional – at least, not in Washington State.

The Seattle Times reported this week on the state’s first confirmed case of “zombie bees,” which were discovered in California about four years ago. “Zombie bees” are “infected by a parasitic fly that causes the bees to lurch around erratically before dropping dead,” according to the report.

John Hafernik, the San Francisco State University biologist credited for discovering the science-fiction-esque creatures, joined The Seattle Times live chat. “John has organized the web site to gather sightings from around the country, and recently found the first confirmed case in Washington,” wrote Sandi Doughton of The Times. Hafernik also answered lots of questions from zombie enthusiasts about the infection – otherwise known as Colony Collapse Disorder.

The London Evening Standard provides a great example of how an organization can use a liveblog to showcase daily news. The Standard runs a new liveblog every day curating “the best news and pictures from London.”

The news in London? It never sleeps. On Thursday, Sept. 27, the blog covered English darling Emma Watson’s return to the British capital after wrapping up filming The Perks of Being a Wallflower in the States. They curated the reaction after British Prime Minister David Cameron was the first prime minister to appear on The Late Show With David Letterman and failed to impress as the host quizzed him on British history.

The daily liveblog keeps a fun, fresh tone and is a sure bet to engage readers of all interests.

ScribbleLive client The Hollywood Reporter provided exclusive coverage of the 2012 Emmy Awards in their liveblog – but they didn’t keep the content just on their site. Instead, THR took advantage of ScribbleLive’s Syndication Marketplace, which allows companies with exclusive content to make it available to other outlets for a pre-determined price. In this case, THR asked anyone using their content to promote The Hollywood Reporter on their liveblog by pinning a post to the top of their liveblogs. The coverage was picked up by many outlets, including The Montreal Gazette and The New York Daily News.

Read more about The Hollywood Reporter’s Emmy coverage and ScribbleLive’s Syndication Marketplace here.

The business world has been abuzz with the potential of the Blackberry-making company Research in Motion making a comeback after its shares rose following a new phone announcement. Jumping on the business-world zeitgeist, The Globe and Mail covered RIM’s quarterly earnings report with a liveblog – to let shareholders, business junkies, and curious readers join the discussion. The paper’s technology reporter Omar El Akkad reported on the quarterly earnings call.

While the call provided tons of information and The Globe and Mail reporters kept viewers well-updated, they made a great call during the question and answer period when not much interesting information was given. “Well, that about does it, sorry we slowed down there not too much happened in the Q&A. Check back tomorrow morning for Omar’s latest analysis!” wrote The Globe’s Shane Dingman.

Meanwhile, The Wall Street Journal capitalized on the notion that everyone wants to know health tips and tricks. “A growing body of research suggests that paying attention to your body’s natural cycles of energy and alertness can help identify different times of day when you are at your best,” read the introduction before their liveblog discussion.

Sue Shellenbarger wrote a popular article earlier for the organization explaining that very concept. Recognizing their readers’ keen interest in the topic, WSJ decided to host a liveblog discussion with her. “I think this is something that resonates very strongly with many people who sometimes struggle to get through the work week,” wrote Shellenbarger about the strong response.

Shellenbarger answered reader questions about what times their bodies perform most optimally and, jokingly, ended the discussion on this note: “… looking at my clock, it’s time for a workout!”

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