Scribble clients share real-time coverage of Emmys, Apple event

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ScribbleLive’s new Syndication Marketplace is in full swing. The marketplace allows companies with exclusive content to make it available to other outlets for a pre-determined price. It’s a win-win situation for all news organizations: those covering the event can broaden their reach by advertising their coverage on other outlets, and those using the syndicated content receive access to events they otherwise may not have been able to cover.

Recently, our clients received syndicated liveblog coverage of two major events: the Emmy Awards and Apple’s iPhone 5 announcement.

Last night’s 2012 Emmy Awards were anything but predictable with the Academy denying the usual favourite Mad Men its fifth “outstanding drama series” award. Instead, Homeland received the honour and creator Matthew Weiner’s hour-long drama about the lives of 1960s advertising executives was shut-out — despite multiple nominations.

The drama did not stop there — and ScribbleLive client The Hollywood Reporter liveblogged every moment of the event — from the red carpet to the after parties.

About a dozen other news organizations opted to run the Hollywood Reporter’s liveblog on their sites, giving them access to exclusive coverage for a national event they may otherwise not have had the resources to cover. The Montreal Gazette,, the New York Daily News and the Irish Examiner all accessed the content through our Syndication Marketplace. In return, the news organization’s displayed the Hollywood Reporter’s name prominently on their liveblogs.

Mashable took advantage of the marketplace by syndicating their coverage of Apple’s latest announcement: the much anticipated iPhone 5 arrival. Mashable provided on-the-scene reporting from the Yerba Buena Center of the Arts in San Franciso. Their editor-in-chief and deputy editor filed updates from the media line-up outside the doors to the announcement’s final minutes.

Dozens of ScribbleLive customers grabbed their exclusive coverage from our syndication marketplace and streamed it into liveblogs on their websites. In return, Mashable’s logo topped their liveblogs.

To learn more about our syndication marketplace click here and here.

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