Introducing: ScribbleLive Discussions

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ScribbleLive’s developers are on a roll this week. On Tuesday we unveiled a new suite of reporting tools to track your readers. Now we’re introducing Discussions.

Discussions are conversations that happen on individual liveblog posts: think threaded comments a la Facebook. Anyone can use a social login to comment on a specific post (conversations are unmoderated so anonymous logins are not allowed). All comments will appear in chronological order beneath the post on both the liveblog as well as on the post’s permalink page. This doesn’t replace our traditional reader comment box, which is still in place.

Use Discussions to:
-Promote in-depth discussions to keep your users on your site
-Ask you readers a question and collect all the responses in one place
-Promote side conversations while keeping your main liveblog on topic
-Keep opinions, suggestions, complaints and compliments attached to the posts that inspired them

Discussion comments are filtered through our language and spam filters and can be deleted by moderators, editors and administrators in the back end. You can choose which events to allow Discussion comments in, and ban anyone who is abusing their comment privilege. Detailed documentation can be found here. To have this feature enabled in your account, please contact your account rep or

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