New ScribbleLive features: iFrame support, Serbian, syndication

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It’s new feature day at ScribbleLive! We have a few goodies to share with you this week, compliments of our in-house developers.

Support for HTML5, iframes

You asked for it, and we built it. ScribbleLive is proud to announce that we now offer full support for iframes to support external content. Now you can embed HTML5 videos and livestreams to make that content accessible to all readers, no matter the device. You can now embed Google Maps, Google Docs, SoundCloud files, scoreboards and any other iFrame widgets. Of course, we continue to support all Flash-based embeds as well. Simply grab the code and drop it into the text post.

Receive already-published posts via Syndication

So you’ve seen one of our clients produce some great content, and you want to host it on your site. But what about all that content that was produced before you found it? A new feature lets you pull in up to 100 of the most recent posts from a liveblog you want to syndicate. That way, if you miss the first bit of an event, you can still access the content.

New language support: Serbian

As Scribble continues to grow, we’ve expanded our reach to nearly every continent. This week, we amped up our language offerings with support for Serbian to help serve our diverse clientele. In addition to publishing liveblogs that appear in multiple languages to readers, any reporter logging into can choose which language they’d like the backend interface to display in. More importantly, readers can also translate the liveblog content — no matter the language it was produced in — into Serbian or one of the 13 other languages we support. They just have to click “options” on the liveblog and choose their language from the drop-down menu.

We want our clients to get the most out of their Scribble experience, and don’t want anything to get lost in translation. In addition to Serbian, we currently support: English, Finnish, French, German, Arabic, Japanese, Danish, Spanish, Croatian, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Turkish. Yours not on the list? Contact us at

In addition, we’ve also unrolled a ton of minor changes and bug fixes to improve the workflow and ensure your events run smoothly.

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