Creative Liveblogging: The Noon Cartoon on MSN

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We’re very passionate about our platform and its potential uses, so we get very excited when we see a particularly creative example of liveblogging. MSN UK and cartoonist Matthew Buck from Hack Cartoons took liveblogging to the next level by engaging their audience and involving them in the creative process of creating a political cartoon.

Matthew Buck creates the editorial cartoon for MSN UK News and MSN UK Sports. You can see some of his wonderful work below and a full archive of MSN cartoons can be found here.

The MSN UK News and Sports team were searching for software that would engage their audience in the process of developing a cartoon and foster conversation around it, Matthew said. “We wanted something that would allow people to suggest and comment on the cartoon of the week and to respond on the day it went live… Scribblelive fitted the bill.” Matthew posted videos of the cartoons coming together: here is a caricature of Mrs. Merkel that was posted on the liveblog earlier this month.

Liveblogging is increasingly used in delivering real-time content to audiences, but its relative recency and constant evolution (we release new features on a regular basis) can be overwhelming for newcomers. Matthew has liveblogged before and found it easy to use. “I had [liveblogged] and being a journalist by training, I found Scribblelive a pleasure to use. It is a piece of kit which has clearly been designed and built with swift publication in mind.”

We asked him to give us some thoughts and suggestions on the platform and he had nothing but good things to say (you’re awesome, Matthew). “I found the user interface very easy to grasp. I have had to use a lot of content management systems and they can be really clunky; this one wasn’t. We also got a good response from readers, which suggests they found it easy and fun to engage with.”

One of our main goals here at ScribbleLive is to make it easy for you to communicate with your audience and it’s safe to say that it was accomplished with MSN UK’s cartoon liveblog. “Scribblelive is clever in that it hides its complexity. It feels simple and that makes delivering a great product much easier.”

You can check the Noon Cartoon on MSN here.

For more of Matthew Buck’s cartoon work, check out his portfolio here and follow him on Twitter at @hackcartoons.


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