Monetize your Live Blog Content with ScribbleLive’s Syndication Marketplace

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ScribbleLive clients have been using our LiveSyndication™ technology to syndicate their content amongst their own properties for a while now. It’s how Lee Enterprises lowers the costs of covering high-school sports, and how Hearst ensures that each of its stations has access to high-quality breaking news content.

But not every media outlet has access to a vast network of sister properties, and not everyone has the resources to cover every story as it breaks. Enter ScribbleLive’s Syndication Marketplace.

You’ve already seen the Marketplace in action this week during the Apple WWDC keynote: two top tech sites syndicated their live coverage to over 20 different Scribble clients. Each client had the ability to pull in original content, social updates and reader comments.

The real-time web is rife with monetization opportunities, and we want to make sure content producers have lots of options available to them, whether it’s selling content, forging new content partnerships or inserting real-time advertising and branding. The Syndication Marketplace is an opportunity for content producers to discover a new revenue stream by syndicating live coverage — which they’d be producing anyway — to media properties across the planet.

For example, a company that finds itself with exclusive or niche live coverage can make it available in the Marketplace, and earn money whenever someone uses that content.

The Syndication Marketplace also creates opportunities for media outlets large and small to access high-quality live content, no matter what language it’s produced in.

You may be covering a national story — a federal election — and don’t have reporters in certain states. Shop the Marketplace. Or perhaps it’s a global story such as the Summer Olympics, and you want coverage of every game. Shop the marketplace.

Syndicated content can travel across borders and brands, directly onto your site. You can auto-translate it, edit it, change the look and feel, and add your own original content, social updates and reader commentary, making that content uniquely local and fitted to your audience’s needs.

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