New feature? Try new generation! Introducing the Advanced Content Module

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Live NATO coverage reported by Associated Press using Scribble’s new Advanced Content Module


Journalism continues to evolve at a rapid pace and a lot of newsrooms are struggling to keep up with the culture of now. ScribbleLive has just released a new feature set designed to tackle some fundamental challenges facing journalists producing real-time coverage.

Last summer we released LiveArticle, a companion to your liveblog that takes the shape of a more traditional article, except you can update it in real time and readers always get the new version without having to refresh the page. Reporters loved that you could simply drag and drop content from the liveblog into the LiveArticle, and Scribble took care of all the formatting.

We’re proud to introduce the next generation of LiveArticle with a brand-new feature set designed in partnership with the Associated Press. The AP wanted to be even more nimble and efficient in its approach to real-time coverage. Enter The Advanced Content Module (ACM), which allows editors to make every liveblog post a LiveArticle.

The ACM was born during discussions with AP over some fundamental workflow problems: how do you receive, edit and publish large volumes of content in real time? How do you prepare content ahead of the live event? How do you make that content available to other newsrooms? And most importantly, how do you make it easy for readers to digest an overwhelming flow of information?The ACM tackles these challenges directly. It lets news teams create liveblog posts and articles that combine different types of content — such as images, video, audio, slideshows, commentary and tweets — into a single post to provide a better perspective on the news without sacrificing speed.

Reporters continue to file content the same way they always have, whether it’s from their laptop, a mobile app, e-mail, Twitter, Instagram, SMS or voicemail. That content normally appears directly on the company site. Now, that content will stay hidden from readers, giving editors a chance to pull the best bits together, apply copy-editing and house style, and package in more interesting ways.

The AP published its first wide-scale ACM liveblog during the NATO summit earlier this month. They had reporters contributing from over 10 countries, and several editors overseeing it all in the newsroom. Check out their live coverage to see the variety of styles and content the ACM can produce.

There are endless possibilities: Editors can collect photos and publish them together as a slideshow (pictured at top). They can preload content, infographics, and charts and publish them whenever they want. They can highlight important soundbites with a block quote (pictured below right). They could even assign each reporter their own on-going liveblog, so reporters always know where to file content, and editors can pull from it at their leisure.



AP’s editorial team did a lot of advance work before the summit. They interviewed the usual suspects, packaged quotes and produced graphics they knew they’d use: everything was uploaded beforehand, like this audio report from a military reporter. The live coverage provided readers with a better understanding about both what the Summit was trying to achieve and an investigation into why civilians were protesting.

Most importantly, AP’s liveblog highlighted the spectacular on-the-ground coverage from AP reporters, photographers and videographers embedded in the heart of protests across the planet, like this reporter shooting video in the centre of the action. One editor we spoke with after the event noted that the tricks reporters learned producing live coverage will directly improve their more traditional reporting.

The result: A rapidly-updated live feed with high-quality media created by AP photogs and videographers, continuous reports from the field by AP journalists, and information curated and edited by AP editors in real time.

There are lots of ways to use the ACM, and we look forward to seeing what our clients come up with. You can read more about the new features on our documentation page or watch a short video demo. To book a demonstration for your newsroom, please contact, or contact your sales rep to ask about pricing.

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