May Day: How to cover global protests in real time

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The annual protest/celebration that accompanies the first day of May, aka International Workers’ Day, resurrected the Occupy movement in many countries across the planet.

Protests lend themselves well to liveblogs; reporters can spread out and collaboratively collect quotes, photos, video and audio files so readers can follow along in real time. Here are a few different real-time strategies ScribbleLive’s clients used to cover May Day:

Reuters took an international approach to its live coverage, publishing photos and videos from their pros as well as citizen journalists and regular people. The news giant even embedded a UStream live feed published by Tim Pool, who covers technology and journalism in real time at Timcast (he makes his feed available to anyone for free, so long as they credit him).

In the UK, Sky News‘s home affairs correspondent Mark White covered the protest with photos and updates from the Occupy London protest, producing a one-man liveblog packed with interesting insight.

The New York Daily News used LiveArticle to track arrests, police run-ins and the location of the protest as it surged through the city from Lower Manhattan to Wall Street all the way to Brooklyn. Reporters snapped photos of protestors and included quotes from interviews in the caption, making each post a mini story.

In Canada, Montreal’s protest gained power quickly; students have been protesting tuition fee increases for months, and drastic tactics have been used by police and school officials to try and subdue the movement. The Montreal Gazette sent six reporters to cover the march with words, photos and video. The roaming reporters performed on-the-street interviews with protesters using Scribble’s mobile apps — check out this one with a retired prof who explains why he’s taking part in the protest.

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