Liveblogs as second screens (or, how to cover the Oscars)

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What’s the best way to cover an evening known for its long, boring bits? For those in office pools (like Scribble’s) or simply wanting to join in the gossip, liveblogs were at the ready to collect the wit, wisdom and wardrobe malfunctions of the 84th Academy Awards in real time.

Mashable filled out its Oscars coverage with a real-time discussion between reporters and readers about social TV trends they’d seen emerge over the year. One of their liveblog polls found that one in five of its readers were using at least two or more devices (in addition to TV) while watching the show.

In an article about social TV at the Oscars, Mashable writes:

“From the official Backstage Experience to special promotions and activities from entertainment checkin services and second screen companies, the biggest award show of the year is taking big steps towards being more social and digital.” Read on for a nice analysis of what the Academy is doing.

Like Mashable, other Scribble clients pulled their audience into their coverage. kept readers engaged by publishing a steady stream of polls — perfect for a night spurred by predictions and ‘I-told-you-so’s. Its editors also used Scribble’s LiveArticle feature to keep an up-to-the-second recap of wins throughout the evening.

Other clients pulled in comments from readers, but focussed on producing lots of original content.

The Toronto Star paired its fashion reporter and movie critics to produce a liveblog packed with red carpet gossip and outfit shaming/loving. It also pulled in tweets from The Academy itself.

In addition to high-res photos from its photojournalist, Reuters had its reporters snapping flicks with iPhones and posting to popular social sharing app Instagram — which were published simultaneously to its liveblog. (I particularly enjoyed the Dictator gif it published).

Meanwhile, Yahoo UK & Ireland hosted a liveblog produced by the Press Association on its home page. This allowed the news company to harness the talent of the Press Association’s photographers, who provided beautiful high-res photos in real time (all the better to gossip over).

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