Jeff Jarvis on the value of liveblogging

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Jeff Jarvis, a well-known and oft-quoted future-of-news pontificator, was in Toronto last week promoting his new book, Public Parts. Jarvis is an American journalist, blogger, consultant and a professor at CUNY’s j-school, which is a brand-new ScribbleLive client. The school is already teaching their students about the value of real-time coverage.

Jarvis sat down with ScribbleLive to talk liveblogging, and why it’s important for his students to graduate armed with real-time newsgathering skills.

On the value of live coverage:

“News is a process — it never stops, it never ends, it’s going on all the time. We used to have to wait until the journalist is there to find out what is going on. But witnesses can now tell the world what they know. I think that puts a requirement of all of us in the news to be more live.”

On real-time reporting skills every journalist should have:

“The rythym of [reporting live] is different. You have to teach your students to think about what they’re looking for. It’s a real skill to listen to a flow of information and pick out the bits that matter. Being able to interact live with people. Knowing the best way to tell a story: Being able to put down the keyboard and take a photo or video and get that intermingled. Tell the world what we don’t know.”

Watch the video for the full interview:

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