Seattle Sounders’ iPhone app

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Seattle Sounders iPhone app

The Seattle Sounders FC understand the value of real-time engagement: The team boasts the most actively engaged online fans in Major League Soccer. Now, it has released a free iPhone app to keep fans in the loop with scores, team alerts, live social media feeds and, of course, live coverage of games from soccer journalist Matt Gaschk. The Sounders used Seattle digital agency POP to create the app (POP’s founder is a season ticket holder).

Gregg Lamm, writing for TechFlash, reports:

“The Sounders also have invested in technology from ScribbleLive to allow fans to follow Matt Gaschk’s live blogging of the game. And with the app, fans also can listen to live broadcast of Sounders matches from team broadcaster Arlo White.”

In a presser, the Sounders give some props to Scribble:

“The live blog commentary will be powered by ScribbleLive, a groundbreaking content delivery platform that gives the new web generation what they want – news now. Without delays, ScribbleLive enables real-time discussion and audience engagement.

“Fans will now be updated in real time about the latest happenings on match day,” said Mark Walker, COO for ScribbleLive. “We are delighted to add Sounders FC to our growing family of mobile customers who continue to deliver information in real time.”

“ScribbleLive has been tried and tested by benchmark organizations like Reuters and Hearst Television and has been the lightning rod for such events as the iPad launch and the Red Bull Air Races. “

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