Covent Garden, London, UK. By Dann Close

There’s one thing most people can agree on: waiting sucks. And if you want to get your mitts on one of Apple’s newest offerings, the iPad 2, you’re going to have to wait. For a very long time. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make it fun. That’s what the folks at iPad 2 Queue are doing.

Inspired by the unreasonably-long lineups that snake out of every Apple store in the hours before any new product lease, iPad 2 Queue has sent live-bloggers to 17 different Apple stores in the UK (and one in Australia). Anyone hoping to nab the newest tablet can check in on their local Apple store to see how many people are waiting (through constantly-updated guesstimates, photos and videos) and decide whether they want to brave the lineup, or simply laugh at those who have.

“It started as a little project but grew!” said Dann Close, the man behind the liveblogs. “The idea just came into my head. I thought it would help people find stock after I saw the US’s shortage. I found ScribbleLive to be exactly what I needed. There’s a few people from each store across the UK helping out, so it’s a group effort from the Macrumours community.”

One post from a blogger in line at the Apple store in Trafford Centre, Manchester points to a tweet:

@totalkharnage: I’m about 25 in the queue. View behind me. Snakes round the corner. About 75 I’d guess. #ipad2uk #ipad2trafford”

While over at Regents Street, London, readers can learn that the store has “the most stock of all the stores.”

So, will you be lining up today?