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From its inception, Rock aspires to deliver the most innovative content marketing solutions and services that fuel customer success. And it’s working. That’s why Rock gets stellar customer satisfaction ratings and world-class Net Promoter Scores (NPS) year over year. 

Rock’s Values & Culture

While Rock exists to enable growth for its customers and talent network, it places even greater significance on its employees. Empowering and enabling employees is a core element of Rock’s corporate culture, passionately guided by five principles: learning, teaching, solving, teamwork, and growing. That’s why the company places significant value on continuous learning, professional development, knowledge sharing, and mentoring programs that are available for all employees regardless of tenure, location, or role.


Meet Rock's Co-Founders

To expand globally, it was clear that Rock needed to find a strategic partner, one that shares our values and extends our technology offerings. ScribbleLive was a natural fit, allowing us to expand globally and evolve our visual, video, and interactive content solutions.
– Diego Gomes, CEO and co-founder, Rock Content