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Content Engagement

People are much less likely to leave a room if they’re in the middle of a conversation, and the same rule applies to the web. Give your users a reason to stay on your site by opening up a dialogue with them.

It's simple with our suite of content engagement features:

  • Live content: Statistics show users stay engaged with live content for up to 4x longer than the static alternative.
  • Live discussions: Promote engagement on a larger scale by enabling discussion threads on each individual piece of content in your event.
  • Live commenting: Convert your visitors from spectators to participants by giving them a platform to share their input and insights. Our moderation tool makes controlling these comments easy as the click of a button.
  • Live polling: It only takes a few seconds to create a Live Poll, just choose a question and include as many potential answers as you’d like. Once created, the poll is published instantly in the event. Publish as many polls as you’d like and get real-time results as readers weigh in.
  • Q&A: Our Q&A feature makes moderating a question and answer chat easier by including another moderation column that lets you put commenters' questions in a holding queue before publishing them.
  • Social media curation and integration: Our back end integrates with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Wikipedia, FlickR, and Getty Images, making social curation easy.
  • Moderation: Filter content, block or ban unruly users from events, or auto approve comments from special guests and trusted users.

Live Publishing

Whether it’s breaking news, a product launch, or the biggest sporting event of the year, nothing makes a story more engaging than telling it in real time. That’s why statistics show readers spend up to 4x longer with live content as opposed to static content.

Our live publishing tools give you the power to combine text, photos, videos, audio, and rich media to tell your story as it unfolds.

Your webpage will automatically update for readers in real time as soon as you feed it more content. No refreshing required!

Tools to help optimize your live publishing experience include:

  • Quick Post: Use quick post to add comments, updates, and embeddable rich media like Tweets, and YouTube videos with the click of a button.
  • Advanced Post: Add rich formatting, create slideshows, embed original multimedia, curate relevant social media updates, and pull in existing real-time events to create a “stellar-can’t-look-away-it’s-so-good” content experience.
  • Raw Feed: Prepare and package posts ahead of time, get approvals and establish compliance agreements beforehand, and customize coverage you’re sourcing from our syndication marketplace.

Social Integration and Moderation

Nobody can be everywhere at once, but thanks to social media you can do the next best thing by virtually eavesdropping on every conversation that’s happening on the social web.

ScribbleLive helps you bring these conversations back to your owned digital property with the following functions:

  • Pull in public posts from Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Getty images, YouTube videos, and Wikipedia articles to add dimension to your content.
  • Auto-post tweets and Instagram updates with certain hashtags and keywords to promote your social media campaigns, or seamlessly integrate relevant third-party content into your story.
  • Pre-approve all tweets from “VIP” participants to easily pull in social media updates from your trusted contributors.
  • Apply filters to all auto-posts, and block unruly contributors to weed out irrelevant or negative content

Scribble Article

Scribble Article lets you seamlessly integrate multimedia into stories, pull material from secondary content sources including existing live content or social media channels, and work collaboratively on content that auto-refreshes for readers as updates are published.

Developed in conjunction with Twitter, Scribble Article offers all of the advantages of your favorite CMS platform with the added bonus of our entire content engagement suite.

  • Give live content context: Sifting through an event like a Q & A or real-time story feed after it’s no longer live can be an overwhelming experience. Scribble Article lets you pull the most relevant content from your event and shape it into stand-alone post for easy accessibility.
  • Feature multimedia: Photographs, videos, slideshows, and audio-clips can all be seamlessly integrated into your ScribbleLive Article.
  • Collaborate with your team: Multiple editors working on one Scribble Article will see each other’s changes in real time
  • Live updating: As your story evolves and changes to your article are published, content will automatically update for readers.
  • Seamless Integration: When embedded anywhere on your site, Scribble Article will pick up the formatting and styling on your page.

Content and Syndication Market

Meet your new one-stop-shop for fresh, engaging content.

Shop for the content your audience wants and needs in our library of live coverage submitted by expert journalists and industry pros. Or, monetize and amplify the reach of your own content by putting it into the market for other editorial teams to pick up.

  • Reduce costs of content creation: Enjoy free access to our hub of content produced by bloggers, thought leaders, expert journalists and industry pros.
  • Generate revenue while amplifying your global reach: You're telling the engaging stories that other editorial teams are craving. Monetize and amplify the reach of your coverage by syndicating it.
  • Test the content engagement waters: Experiment with content engagement and experience its many benefits. Syndicate content created by other ScribbleLive users directly onto your site, and watch your user-engagement levels soar.

Live Analytics

Our live analytics suite lets you track users and every minute they’re spending engaged with your content.

  • Integrate multiple metrics systems: Integrate your favorite third-party metrics system with ours for a more comprehensive understanding of user-engagement with your site.
  • Measure engagement: Track how long your users are on your site and what content is performing best.
  • Stats over time: Compare engagement and content over time.
  • Data filters: Filter your data according to timeline and categories to help you identify the types of events that are the most successful, which time of day to run them, which topics get the most comments and more.
  • Enhanced metrics: Sign-up for our enhanced metrics system to access deep-dive stats on page views, sources, detailed graphs, and more.

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