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Content Marketing Freelancer Checklist
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The Ultimate Checklist for Managing Content Marketing Freelancers

Now that more brands and companies are writing blogs, creating YouTube channels, and becoming content publishers, there’s a higher demand for content and limited time to produce it. Finding highly-talented freelance writers, designers, or video producers can be a huge time-saver for marketers looking to produce quality content on a Read more…

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Thought Leadership

Shifting Focus: A New Strategy For A New Buyer’s Journey

We sat down with industry expert Rebecca Lieb to talk about creating a content strategy, omnichannel marketing, building a successful marketing team, and Snapchat.

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5 Can’t-Miss Content Strategy Articles

We summarized 5 content strategy articles for easy skimming!

ScribbleLive Plan
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Introducing ScribbleLive Plan

Introducing Plan, ScribbleLive’s powerful new strategy and planning product.

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Best Practices

How Failing Fast is the Way to an Effective Social Media Strategy

When you learn to ride a bike, you’re bound to encounter the cold, hard reality of gravity. But after hitting the pavement, chances are you’ll get back up and try again. And again. And again. The same principle applies to social media content, only instead of riding on the pavement Read more…

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Best Practices

5 Can’t-Miss SEO Marketing Articles

Every week we select and summarize five content marketing articles for easy skimming.This week we bring you five articles on the importance of SEO in today’s content marketing landscape.

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Industry trends

Content Mythbusting: What Content Do Consumers Really Want?

We’re diving into the data to shed light on the myths that mislead content strategies, and learn how marketers can craft strong content that moves the needle.

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Best Practices

5 Can’t-Miss Generational Marketing Articles

Every week we select and summarize five content marketing articles for easy skimming. This week we bring you five articles on generational marketing!

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Marketing to Traditionalists [Infographic]

As marketers look at the American population, there are four living generations for them to address. This four-infographic series is designed to give a quick glimpse into what makes each of these generations tick. Traditionalists are the parents of Baby Boomers, grandparents of Generation X, and the great grandparents of Read more…

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