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A CMO Guide: How to Get your Teams to Tell Better Stories

I’ve been hearing this question from digital marketing leaders and executives more often lately: How do I get my content teams to tell better stories? Of course, “better” is highly subjective. What it often comes down to is how do we make them: Unique Highly relevant I’m really glad more Read more…

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Content marketing workflow: Should we do native video on LinkedIn now?

LinkedIn finally joined all the other networks in allowing native video. I actually ran across it last week when I was flying home after a few content marketing meetings in Canada. Of course, I immediately wanted to give it a shot to see how easy it would be to upload Read more…

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How We’ll Create Some Good Content Marketing Workflows Together

Storytelling has been around for a while. It’s not that new at all, despite its headline-grabbing ability in the content marketing world right now. It’s not even new for businesses. Organizational storytelling has been around for over 100 years.. Unfortunately, the latest iterations of organizational storytelling seems to make processes Read more…

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