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5 Rules For Video Content Marketing In 2015

Some things just belong together. Shoes and socks. Bees and honey. Peanut butter and jelly. Videos and advertising. Whether they’re instructional, informational, or simply for fun, videos are an important part of today’s marketing strategy. According to a recent report sponsored by Demand Metric and VidYard, almost 70 percent of Read more…

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5 Easy Ways To Inject Life Into Your Editorial Calendar

Burnout is the bane of the content creator. You nurture ideas into words and images; review, rework and reenergize them; and publish them into an endless digital stream of status updates. The cycle can get mighty wearisome, particularly when it’s unclear whether your target audience is even listening. A robust Read more…

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Sports Marketing: How to Get Fans to Your Site and Keep Them Coming Back

Getting the attention of sports fans is not simple. Keeping it is even harder given the endless sources of sports content. We asked experts from the digital arms of ESPN, Sports Illustrated, CNN, Reuters and many more to share their advice. Go through the slideshow below to learn three essential Read more…

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