Visual Inspiration: Learning and Communicating Good Design

At Visually, we are constantly looking for visual inspiration. Here are five articles, graphics or projects that have inspired us in the past week.

How Google Taught Itself Good Design

As a designer, I used to find using Google’s product so frustrating. Its inconsistency knew no bounds. But over the last three years, Google has changed: they’ve mastered creating products that are simple and infinitely useful. They’re placing emphasis on making products that are beautiful. It’s somewhat a designer’s dream, watching Google go from no design to design-centric, which shows that good design can be achieved by any company. Just how is Google doing this? This article gives you the details.

What a Messy Desk Says About You

Sometimes, I come across photos of a designer’s desk that’s so clean and well organized, and I’d wonder — why can’t I do this? My desk is always a mess: headphones, sharpies, pencils, notebooks flung to the outskirts. It’s always felt natural to me, but at the same time, I can’t stand a disorganized room. My bed is always neat and things are put away properly. This article gives a great insight on the benefits of being organized and disorganized and now, I have an appreciation for both.

His First 4 Sentences Are Interesting. The 5th Blew My Mind. And Made Me A Little Sick.

Facts like these are often difficult to wrap your head around, but John Green does an excellent job of making the topic of healthcare fun and informative.

East Meets West: An Infographic Portrait by Yang Liu

Good design is the ability to take complex data and communicate in the simplest form. This infographic by Yang Liu is such a great example of good design. I’m now much more educated on the differences between Western and Eastern cultures. It offers fodder for some really great conversation, and yes, that may just make you the smartest person at the table.

Designing Around Little Minds

I came across this through a colleague and thought, who is this guy? His brilliance! I won’t waste time trying to convey that but please, if you’re into design – it’s a must-read! Damian Madray is Lead Product Designer at Visually, founder of Hunie and co-founder of TheGlint.

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