Crediting Designers Properly On Visually

Many of us are designers here at Visually, and we know firsthand the frustration of not being properly credited for work that takes a lot of time, energy, and creativity. As a result, we take our obligation to designers that work with us and the larger community very, very seriously. The last thing we would ever want is to discredit anyone, or take credit for something we didn’t create. That’s why when we saw the bug mentioned in Periscopic‘s Tweet below, we wanted to thunk our heads on our desks. We are passionate about two things:

  1. Building a community of designers and information design professionals, and sharing and promoting their amazing work.
  2. Making the process of getting something designed easier and more fun.

  Our Marketplace is a customized project center where we help some of the world’s best infographic and information designers work with clients who need amazing visualizations. When a project is completed, we add it to the vibrant collection of infographics on our main site, and add a badge that says “Start a project with this designer” as a way of: a) helping our certified designers get more work, and b) increaing the number of projects we work on. It’s a win/win for us and our Certified designers, and we love to be able to promote their work. The only problem: a recent bug added that badge to almost every single infographic on our site. Not awesome at all. We looked at the problem very seriously (it was a site bug). After some troubleshooting, we found the problem, and it’s been fixed. The bug was around for less than two months (it happened during our last site design update). The badge no longer shows up on any graphics except for those created by Certified designers. In the meantime, every infographic has included, and continues to include, credits to the designer and publisher of a graphic. In fact, our UX/UI team started has been working on updating site design to make those credits more prominent and above the fold, so that designers get the exposure they deserve (sneak preview in the mock below): Our apologies to anyone we may have offended. We love and respect designers, analysts, writers, animators, developers, visualizers, and the entire visualization community, and we were really bummed to have a bug like this pop up.

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