6 Just for Fun Summer Line Charts

We took a summer siesta from writing about art to create some, ahem, art of our own: summer line chart art! These in-no-way scientific charts mainly deal with summer consumption — sun, booze, BBQ — and show how moderation is usually the best policy. First up: Perceived Temperature. Weather reports typically include information on current temperatures, supplemented with “Feels Like” temperatures. Those may be marginally to significantly higher due to humidity (or lower due to wind chills in the winter). Too often, though, the mercury reading is far more conservative to how we, humans, feel. And some of us are more dramatic than others: You know how after a beer or two you’re way better at volleyball, ping-pong, bowling or whatever summer sport you play? That’s confidence. But have a couple more, and your hand-eye coordination goes to pot… and it’s all downhill from there. Fun in the sun requires sunblock. Always wear sunblock. How appropriate your swimsuit is has a lot to do with culture and, of course, wether you’re at the beach. In general, only wear swimsuits when you’re at a place you can swim. And, like we said earlier, culture plays a big role in swimsuit design, particularly the amount of material used in their production. Outdoor BBQ eating falls under the laws of diminishing returns. Once you’re full, stop eating. Who said line charts weren’t fun? Now go outside and enjoy yourself. Rani Molla has a digital media master’s degree from Columbia Journalism School and is the editorial producer at GigaOM. She’s a journalism reader, writer, photographer, videographer, data visualizer and general doer. Follow her on Twitter.

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