Turning Data Into Stories: TechRaking III Keynote Presentation

The Center for Investigative Reporting’s TechRaking III is going on right now at Google’s headquarters. The conference series is dedicated to creating collaborations between journalists and innovators who are working at the intersection of investigative reporting and technology. The goal of these conferences is to bring these two forces together to create solutions to the many challenges and opportunities facing the news industry today, and ultimately to further engage citizens in the issues affecting their lives and communities. Visually’s Drew Skau will be giving the keynote presentation┬áthis year on finding and crafting stories with data sets. Take a look: At TechRaking III, “Mining the News,” media and data experts explore the benefits of open data and how to equip the next generation of journalists with 21st-century research skills. Participants will dive into specific best practices to help journalists produce groundbreaking investigations. Data journalism design sprints will result in a winning project at the end of the day, and Visually has agreed to devote $10,000 of time toward developing the winning design. We hope to see some amazing ideas, and we can’t wait to work on the winning project!

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