Typography’s Best for 2013

All types of styles and serifs and sans were on display at the Type Directers Club‘s 59th communication design competition, TDC59. The event was also its 16th typeface design competition. The awards come as easier typeface software and better browser capabilities enable the release of dozens of fonts each week. According to TDC President Graham Clifford, “More and more people are producing fonts, but I don’t know if the quality is as good as it should be.” The awards are a way of determining what good typography design is in a newfound glut of typography. Of the submissions, he said that there aren’t any obvious trends, but “the overall quality of work is of a very good standard.” Eleven judges picked 215 communication design winners and 14 typeface design winners out of 2,000 entries hailing from 33 countries, for an eclectic and lively exhibition. Winners included a range of typographers, from students to esteemed foundries. Below, we’ve reprinted some of the winning entries.

Overall winners

Best in Show went to this poster by Armin Vit from Austin Design Firm UnderConsideration:

Principal Type FF Meta Serif, Proxima Nova, and custom geometric letterforms Dimensions 16.5 x 24 in. (41.9 x 61 cm). Photograph by Catalina Kulczar
The winner expressed his gratitude in the below (quite funny) video acceptance speech. Enjoy!

TDC Communication Design 2013 Best of Show Acceptance Speech from UnderConsideration on Vimeo.

Student Best in Show went to Stanley Xing Chen of the Art Center College of Design.

Photograph by Catalina Kulczar.
Some typface winners:
TYPEFACE FF CHARTWELL Design Travis Kochel, Portland, Oregon Foundry FontFont, Berlin Members of Typeface Family/System Bars, Bars Vertical, Lines, Pies, Radar, Rings, and Rose
TYPEFACE BLANCO Design David Foster, Sydney Client Royal Academy of Art (KABK), Den Haag
TYPEFACE EROTICA Design Maximiliano Sproviero, Buenos Aires, Argentina Foundry Lian Types
TYPEFACE JAF BERNINI SANS Design Tim Ahrens, Berlin Foundry Just Another Foundry Consultant Shoko Mugikura
For designers, these typography winners show where the best and brightest in the field of typography are heading with their font designs. For everyone else, TDC59 shows some more beautiful writing on the wall and on the web. For a full list of the winners: TDC Communication Design 2013 Winners List TDC Typeface Design 2013 Winners List TDC59 The Cooper Union Through Aug. 8  Rani Molla has a digital media master’s degree from Columbia Journalism School and is the editorial producer at GigaOM. She’s a journalism reader, writer, photographer, videographer, data visualizer and general doer. Follow her on Twitter.

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