IEEE Vis Call For Practitioners

The IEEE Vis computer science conference (previously VisWeek) is in Atlanta, Georgia this year. The conference is the best place to learn about new developments in data visualization, with highly informative presentations on much of the visualization research that has been done in the past year. The conference is a week-long bounty of ideas and techniques to improve how we do visualization. More than 1000 participants attended last year, and the numbers have been steadily growing. The conference has been largely academic in the past, but the role of industry and government is increasing. The organizers are including more practitioner-useful workshops and tutorials (last year included a day-long session on D3, and another on color selection). In addition to the workshops, and the past year’s research being presented, it is also a great opportunity to network with researchers looking for meaningful problems to solve. Often, the work that practitioners do ends up hidden behind the scenes with no one to show it off to. This is a shame, because some of that work is really great, and could help to advance the field of visualization. Luckily, IEEE Vis has put out a call for posters for government and industry work, and it’s a perfect way to show off the problems you are solving in practice, or some of the problems with which you are currently struggling. Visually will be putting in our own submission, and we’d like to welcome other practitioners to do the same. Getting your work out there is a great way to find people to help with it, or new ideas to make it even better. We hope to see you there!   Drew Skau is Visualization Architect at and a PhD Computer Science Visualization student at UNCC with an undergraduate degree in Architecture. You can follow him on twitter @SeeingStructure

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