The Civic Data Challenge

Visually is proud to announce that we will be helping with the Civic Data Challenge! The challenge is open to anyone who wants to participate, and is aimed at turning the raw data of ‘civic health’ into useful applications and visualizations that have direct impact on public decision-making. The challenge has an interesting approach for the final stages. The top few entries will work with local leaders to iterate and implement the application or visualizations they produce. This will help to make sure the entries do the best possible job at addressing the needs of the community, and should help to answer any questions that the entrants have. There are three phases of the challenge. The ideation phase helps to figure out what the needs of the community are, and potential solutions to address them. The creation phase involves building the tools, and the implementation phase involves putting the tools to use, and refining them as needed.


Challenge entries will be judged based on the following criteria:

  • Thoughtfulness of Utilizing Civic Data
  • Quality of Concept
  • Analysis of Community Need
  • Collaboration with Local Leaders
  • Incorporation of Diverse Skill Sets
  • User Experience
  • Quality of Design
  • Ultimate Utility of the Product

Special consideration will be given to entries that incorporate Knight Foundation Soul of the Community data.


The prizes have not been announced yet, but past prizes for the Civic Data Challenge have been valued at $100,000 and included:

  • Cash
  • Conference Passes
  • High-Profile Blog Features
  • Access to Data Expertise and Consulting Services

2013 Prizes will be announced throughout the Challenge. Prizes will be available for finalists at the end of Creation phase, as well as for overall grand prize winners at the end of the Implementation phase. The full rules and criteria for entering can be found here. Visually is thrilled to be helping to judge the challenge, and we hope to see some amazing applications and visualizations produced. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and get brainstorming!

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