Visually Marketplace Designer Spotlight: Neo Mammalian Studios

Visually’s Marketplace connects thousands of designers with clients seeking to commission infographics and data visualizations. Every week, we feature a member of our designer community here, on the blog. If you are interested in participating, please contact us at blog[at] Name: Ian Irving Age: 28 On Visually: NeoMam In design: 6 years   1. Tell us a bit about yourself: how did you get into design, and how long have you been doing it? My route into design was a rather long one. Ever since I was young, I’ve loved the visual arts. Some of my earliest memories are of staring, slack jawed, at the giant paintings that adorn the galleries of Northern England (this is one of my favourites). I originally studied mathematics, economics and physics before taking a few years off to travel the world. When I returned it was to study history. After completing this and, following a further series of unlikely and absurd events, I founded NeoMam with the very talented Danny Ashton. I currently manage a 12 strong team of graphic designers, copy writers, researchers and programmers. I also work with a budding data scientist. 2. In 7 words or less, describe your style. Always attempt to avoid producing a turd. 3. If you could take a seminar with one designer or artist, dead or living, who would that be? Why? Ernst Haeckel – One of those very rare people that had a very firm grasp on both the arts and sciences; Artist, physician, philosopher and naturalist. His Kuntsformen der Natur sits on my desk and is a constant source of wonder and inspiration. 4. What’s your favorite color? Why? 30FFCE – It makes me thinks of Miami Beach 5. What is the biggest mistake you’ve made in your work and what did you learn from it? The biggest mistake that I’ve ever made at NeoMam was accidentally switching the columns on an excel sheet. This sheet was then passed along to one of our designers who proceeded to spend three days visualizing the data. Once the mistake was discovered we had to spend another three days fixing it. I now have someone to double check everything. It’s the best investment I ever made. 6. What about your biggest achievement? Tell us about the project you are most proud of in your career so far. The graphic I’m most proud of is with is one we recently produced for, it got mentioned in the Guardian newspaper. It’s not easy task to get a mention from a national newspaper so I was very, very happy.

7. Who should we feature in this space next? Anyone from, they really are the bee’s pyjamas.

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